Sam Lee (Сэм Лии) выступит на "Global Token Summit"

21 апреля, на конференции "Global Token Summit" выступит

Founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Limited - Sam Lee (Сэм Лии)

  Founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Limited
Sam Lee (Сэм Лии)

Sam Lee, founder and CEO of Blockchain Global Limited, a profitable Blockchain technology company with offices in Melbourne, Perth, New York, Kobe, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Suzhou and Dalian.

Blockchain Global is a leading multi-national enterprise with a vision to uplift trust throughout the digital spectrum. With 8 offices across 5 countries, the company as a venture builder has invested blockchain knowhow and +US$200m in over 50 blockchain enabled businesses. Our investments create and commercialise platforms that increase data accessibility and transparency, with the mission to bring both public and private sector systems into a more efficient and integrated future.

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